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We realize that in order to budget for your Internet project you need firm pricing. Figuring the cost of web site design or makeover, however, involves a number of variables, including the number of pages, the type of number of graphics/photos, page components (forms, custom scripts, search functionality, etc.), and e-commerce issues. Listed below are general pricing guidelines that will give you an idea of the costs involved for "typical" small to large sites.

To receive a quote that reflects your personal needs, we recommend that you send us a quote request.

Web Site Design:

General pricing guidelines for new web site design.

1 page site as low as $600 USD
1-5 page site $600-$1200 USD
5-10 page site $1200-$2000 USD
10-20 page site $2000-$4800 USD
20-30 page site $4800-$7200 USD

A typical development agreement includes:

  1. A one-to-one planning meeting with the web designer
  2. Domain name registration (ownership fee is extra)
  3. Site hosting arrangements
  4. Site design with one review/revision cycle (first and second drafts)
  5. Online marketing plan for optimized organic search engine ranking in search results that includes search engine readiness (meta tags and content matching) and submission

Doctor Little Guy Web Site Makeover Service:

Doctor Little Guy services include an informal evaluation of your site (10 site pages or less), performed free of charge. We will prepare a site makeover planning document based on an evaluation of site features such as overall design, ease of use, Internet search engine marketability and more. You can either contract us to do the repairs or we can teach you how to do them.

Doctor Little Guy's formal Diagnostic Evaluation starts at $125 USD for larger sites (11 pages or more). This service includes a one-on-one conference with one of our diagnostic consultants. The fee is applied toward the cost of repairing your site, if you decide to let Little Guy do the work.

Commissioned Services:

  • Personalized online marketing strategy for optimized search engine ranking
  • Banner ads
  • Animation
  • Custom logos or artwork
  • Email distribution list
  • Photo scanning and enhancement
  • Forms

All commissioned, consulting and repair services are billed at $40.00 USD per hour.

Online newsletters, domain name services, email distribution lists, e-commerce and shopping cart packages are also available.



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