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Design Ideas

What style is right for my web site?
What type of look will attract and sell customers? 
What colors do I want?  What
FONT do I use? What about pizzazz?

Deciding how you want your site to look can be a daunting task. There are so many choices! To help you make an informed choice, Little Guy designers have compiled some helpful information about four popular design ideas.

Popular Design Ideas

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There are, of course, unlimited variations to these basic layouts. Your content and artwork will make your site unique, plus you can customize basic designs by changing the color scheme, font attributes, lines and bullets, background and much more. 

Making a Decision

At Little Guy Web Sites, we can create a custom layout for your web site or build a site based on a popular design idea. 

Here are some things to consider as you make your choice:

Popular Design Idea Template

  • Your site must adhere to the basic design but you can customize colors, font styles, background, and other elements.
  • Other sites built using the same basic design may look similar to yours.
  • Shorter development time.
  • Short development time=less cost.

Custom Design

  • You get to make all the decisions about the way your site looks.
  • No one will have a site that looks exactly like yours.
  • Longer development time for Little Guy and more investment of your own time.
  • Longer development time=more cost.


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